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Turkey Day Tabata Workout

Jump start your metabolism this Thanksgiving with a quick and efficient Tabata workout! Tabata is an interval-style workout that involves 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (as you get ready for the next exercise). Using a … Continue reading

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Healthy Tips for the Holidays by Kristin Eannotti, M.S.

The holiday season makes it so difficult to stay focused on your health goals. Having constant obligations makes it very tricky to stay on track with the added calories and lack of activity. Not to mention the cold, who wants … Continue reading

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Holiday Helpers

We all know that this time of year is filled with family-time, celebrations and traditions that are typically centered around food. Research has shown that the average person gains about 1 pound each holiday season. That may not sound like … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Post-Turkey Burn Out!

by Marisa Creatura, MS, RD, CDN With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, everyone is preparing for the big turkey feast. And for most, following the meal comes the feeling of exhaustion. Many believe this is the result of the amino … Continue reading

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New Study Says Fat Is Good For You

Fats are good for you.  So says yet another medical study that threatens to shake up the world of nutrition and dietary guidelines. The headlines from  PURE study, published in The Lancet, seem to suggest that there a benefit to … Continue reading

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Did your doctor tell you not to squat?

Squat mechanics are assessed in all major movement screens for good reason. It is a multi-joint movement that most people perform on a very regular basis. You squat down to your driver seat, to the toilet seat, to the chair … Continue reading

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Get Motivated!

Have you set exercise goals but then give up before achieving your goal? Do you often set goals in your life that you ultimately don‘t achieve?  Why do you think it is so challenging to stay focused and motivated?  Well, … Continue reading

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