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The MIND Diet – A Preventative Measure that Could Reduce the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease

By Debbie Jeffery, RDN The MIND diet designed by researchers at Rush Medical Center in Chicago to help in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease has been successfully tested. The MIND diet borrows guidelines from the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet … Continue reading

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5 Lower Back Stretches to Keep you Moving

Every day your spine experiences heavy loads of stress. When you do not stretch and perform exercises to help strengthen this area, you can develop muscular imbalances, tightness and pain. Below are some stretches that can be done to help … Continue reading

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Personal Reflections on Coronary Artery Calcium Quantitation by CT: John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FACC

by John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FACC Director of Cardiovascular Imaging, the Princeton Longevity Center Despite a number of controversies in the past 30 years regarding clinical cardiac [i.e. heart] imaging using x-ray computed tomography [CT], we have now settled … Continue reading

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