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Edamame & Carrot Salad – A Flavorful, Healthy Picnic Side Dish

This vegetarian, gluten free recipe is tasty, easy to prepare and packed full of nutrients. Edamame, boiled green soybeans, are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. A half-cup serving provides about 10% of the Daily Value for 2 key … Continue reading

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BBQ Basics for Weight Management

By Debbie Jeffery, RDN LD Summer is BBQ time! But if you’re trying to lose weight, a buffet table filled with typical picnic foods can be tempting and the calorie count can easily get out of hand. However, following the … Continue reading

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5 Exercises to do in the Water

Working out in the pool provides resistance as well as provides a great cardiovascular exercise.  The water is easier on the joints but will still enable you to work on your balance, strength and endurance.  Below are 5 great exercises … Continue reading

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Take Your Workout Outside

As the weather gets warmer, take a break from your normal indoor routine and take your workout outside.  Using nature and the resources around you, a total body routine can be accomplished!  Below are some example of different ways to workout outdoors! Using … Continue reading

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