New Year’s 10-Minute Treadmill Workout

As we enter the New Year, our goals are set high but our schedules remain as busy as ever. Don’t let your travel schedule get in the way of you fulfilling your New Year’s resolution or hinder you’re ability to maintain or improve your health and fitness. If you’re on the road or in a time crunch, give this 10-minute HIIT treadmill workout a try:

Start with a 3-5 minute warm up walk/jog

  • Set 1: 10 sec. run / 10 sec. rest
  • Set 2: 15 sec. run / 15 sec. rest
  • Set 3: 20 sec. run / 20 sec. rest
  • Set 4: 30 sec. run / 30 sec. rest
  • Set 5: 30 sec. run / 3-5 minute cool down at walk/jog pace


  • The workout protocol above features a 1:1 work to rest ratio. That ratio can be modified if needed to accommodate your current fitness level. For example, if using a 1:2 work to rest ratio, Set 1 would be 10 sec. on / 20 sec. off. Set 2 would be 15 sec. on / 30 sec. off, etc.
  • The speed and incline can be adjusted throughout the workout based on perceived exertion. The workout should be challenging, yet reasonable.
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