Can Eating Broccoli Really Help You Beat Signs of Aging?

Can Eating Broccoli Really Help You Beat Signs of Aging?

by Mallory Spinelli, RD

Recent studies suggest it may. A powerful compound called Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which is found in green fruits and vegetables like broccoli and avocados, showed more favorable energy levels, skeletal tissue, bone density, and eye function in older mice treated with the compound. Mice treated with NMN also showed improvements with liver function and metabolism, as well as healthier body weights. The study hypothesizes that because humans rely on the same energy production process as mice, that human supplementation of NMN will help people remain healthier as they age. The study goes on to say that the health benefits of NMN are most obvious in older mice, as young mice are able to make an abundance of NMN. It is suspected that inflammation, a byproduct of aging, reduces the body’s ability to make NMN. The Study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, says the next step is to carry out clinical trials in Japan to test the safety of NMN supplementation. In the meantime, consider a daily dose of greens, such as broccoli or avocado, to delay signs of aging and promote improved energy levels.

References: Fox News, The Sun.

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