Stay Fit During the Holidays

It is hard to fit the gym or a long workout in around the holidays with everything else on your To-Do list.  Here are 25 exercises you can do at home with no equipment—just your body weight!

  1. Squats
  2. Pushups
  3. Triceps Dips
  4. Lunges
  5. Bridges
  6. Planks
  7. Step Ups
  8. Jumping Jacks
  9. Jogging in Place
  10. Mountain Climbers
  11. Burpees
  12. Wall Sits
  13. Pull ups
  14. Calf Raises
  15. Supermans
  16. Flutter Kicks
  17. Bicycles
  18. Squat Jumps
  19. Leg Lifts
  20. Lateral Lunges
  21. Body Weight Row
  22. Run the Stairs
  23. Sit Ups
  24. 1 Legged Squats
  25. Super Planks
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