Stressed at Work? Take a Break! by Kristin Eannotti, M.S.

Has it ever been 11am and you’re realizing that you’re not even halfway through the workday yet? It always amazes me to hear that many people can’t even break away from their computers during lunchtime. It’s important to start prioritizing your break time! Especially for those who are finding it difficult to exercise before or after work. To overcome feeling sluggish in the afternoon you should try to take a walk during the lunch hour! Studies have found even gentle strolls will enhance people’s moods and ability to handle stress during their work day. Why walk? Because most people are pressed for time and it is the easiest way to get some activity without having to change or drive to a gym. You’ll begin to notice an improvement in your energy for those remaining hours. It’s good for your physical and mental health!

Once the weather warms up put it on your calendar and make it happen! There’s nothing like fresh air and increased blood flow to help clear your head. Once this becomes a habit, you’ll start to look forward to it! I suggested this to my older brother and he really notices an improvement in his mood and concentration for the second half of his day.

  • Start with short, realistic goals!
    • “Starting April 1st I will start walking on my lunch break for 30 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”
      • Don’t have 30 minutes? Start with 10 minute bouts!
    • Once this becomes a habit, keep adding more days.
  • If your shoes aren’t comfortable, bring a pair to change into.
  • Ask a coworker to go with you. You will start to hold each other accountable!
  • Don’t forget, 10,000 steps per day is the goal!

Once your boss or employees realize how productive and positive you are after your breaks, maybe they’ll start encouraging you to go more often!

About Kristin Eannotti, M.S.

MS in Exercise Science and Nutrition
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