Top 4 Reasons Why Diets Fail

This Friday marks the beginning of February, which is a good time to critique and tweak your weight loss plans for 2013. The simplest of things may be holding you back from reaching your goals, so it is important to analyze your journey towards a healthier you frequently to maximize your success. After all, only 20 percent of those trying to lose weight succeed and actually maintain their results.  So why do the majority of dieters fail?

A recent article sheds light on the top 4 reasons why dieters do not lose weight.  Take advantage of the fact that the list is short! There is no doubt we can all make improvements with underestimating caloric consumption, overestimating caloric expenditure with exercise, timing our meals appropriately and getting better “quality” sleep. They make up the staples of success when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle and believe it or not…if you followed these 4 rules, the chances of reaching your weight loss goal increase tremendously!

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Senior Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Princeton Longevity Center
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